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Salvor Services

SalvageSpace provides salvor services as a standalone offering to corporations trying to determine the value of their salvage and scrap. As an independent team, SalvageSpace assesses the value of all items, frequently helping save significant sums for the insurance provider or generate maximum return on scrap items and idle assets for the manufacturer.

Salvor services include:

Site Assessment

  • Identification of salvage
  • Recommendations for salvage protection
  • Photography of the salvage: both affected and unaffected property
  • Estimate of salvage value
  • Proposal of inventory protection plans
  • Plan to prevent further loss of profit due to business interruption

Damage Evaluation

  • Verification of the inventory
  • Evaluation of the nature and extent of damage
  • Segregation of the affected and unaffected stocks
  • Arranging for product texting for contamination

Inventory Preparation

  • Segregation of salvageable goods to prevent cross-contamination
  • Arranging for necessary cleaning and display preparation
  • Determining inventory disposition strategies, such as palletizing, trucking and storage
  • Estimate of salvage value

Protection of Brand & Labels

  • Cutting and/or removal of brands and/or labels
  • Salvage stamping or marking
  • Destruction of property