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Forward eAuctions

Our Forward eAuction services enable sellers to achieve an optimized value for their salvage, scrap and idle assets. We offer both private and public Forward eAuctions. We facilitate the auction process and are involved in ongoing daily operational activities. As part of the auction process, SalvageSpace acts as a market maker to generate demand and attract participation from potentially interested parties. The team draws on its experience and creativity in seeing opportunities to utilise specific types and conditions of salvage and scrap in new ways.

To sell items, users first send a request form, including auction details, to the SalvageSpace team via the website. Once reviewed and accepted, the SalvageSpace team upload the auction details on the site and the auction process begins.

Forward eAuctions - Private

Private auctions are for high value and high demand items and are by invitation only. Interested buyers also need to first register with our site. Once registered, buyers simply send a request to participate in an eAuction. Following approval by the SalvageSpace team, the potential buyer submits the required EMD for a specific item and can then bid online.

Forward eAuctions - Public

Public auctions are open to all interested parties and handle lower value salvage and/or salvage with limited demand. Interested buyers first register with our site and are then able to place bids online. There is no need for buyers to request to participate in a public eAuction.