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SalvageSpace is an online marketplace, where buyers and sellers of products and services come together in a transparent and fair marketplace to trade., using Forward eAuctions, Reverse eAuctions and Classified Listings. Our Reverse eAuction services unite suppliers and buyers of a wide variety of commodities, products and services, in a secure and transparent marketplace.

Forward eAuctions

Our Forward eAuctions bring together buyers and sellers of salvage, scrap and idle assets – including damaged, distressed, obsolete, old, rejected, abandoned, second hand, or otherwise unwanted assets, capital equipment, cargo and merchandise. SalvageSpace oversees the complete Forward eAuction process for both private and public auctions and is involved in all daily operational activities. SalvageSpace also provides Salvor Services to the insurance industry to maximize recovery and minimise loss from salvages.

Classified Listings

Classified Listings provides an online marketplace where sellers showcase salvage and damaged or obsolete assets they wish to sell, and interested buyers contact them directly to negotiate a trade.

Reverse eAuctions

SalvageSpace offers a Reverse eAuction marketplace that allows buyers of goods and services to hold an auction for the procurement of the items. The buyer posts details of the items they wish to procure and pre-approved suppliers bid to win the auction and be the supplier of the items.

  • Forward eAuction - Private
  • Forward eAuction - Public
  • Classified Listing
  • Reverse eAuction
What is it? eAuction for high value & high demand salvages eAuction for low value &/or low demand salvages No Auction. A listing, like an ad eAuction for procurement of goods/services. Buyer procures items. Supplier is the bidder.
Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Yes. Prior to participation Yes. After Auction. Before sending bids to seller No No
Pre-Event Yes. Featured for up to 1 month prior to auction No No Yes. Featured for up to 1 month prior to auction
Duration 1 hour Up to 10 days Up to 30 days 1 hour
Uploader SalvageSpace Team SalvageSpace Team Seller SalvageSpace
Buyer Contacts Seller Directly No No Yes No
SalvageSpace Team Involved in Daily Ops Yes Yes No. Act as a marketplace. Receive an email copy from the buyer to seller Yes
Seller Participation Requires approval Requires approval No approval required Requires approval
Buyer Participation By invitation only Open to all Open to all Requires approval
Pricing 3% of final disposal value 5% of final disposal value Fixed fee. See pricing Fixed fee.