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SalvageSettlers is the place for professionals with a sense of curiosity, a creative mind-set and a desire to build business. We look for individuals who see opportunities to enhance the value of goods that others might overlook or undervalue.

If you are inquisitive, like to take up projects individually and work on them to successful completion and have a commercial bent of mind, then get in touch with us. Whilst knowledge of the insurance industry or online marketplaces is a plus, we also see potential in people from different industries.

At SalvageSettlers we will train you on online marketplaces and on the management and disposal of salvage, scrap and idle assets, as well support you continuously in building your technical and soft skills. You will gain knowledge of how different industries work, the inter-relationships between industries, their needs and how to build business and facilitate trades and auctions. At the same time you will grow in confidence and feel comfortable dealing with representatives from different industries and countries - and be at ease handling multi-million dollar projects.

The SalvageSettlers team is made up of young, dynamic, friendly and supportive individuals, who recognize the importance of team work and appreciate the criticality of each individual’s contribution.

SalvageSettlers is a fast growing business and a place where you will grow.

If you are interested in pursuing a career at SalvageSpace, send your CV and covering letter to [email protected].