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About Us

SalvageSettlers is an online marketplace that provides Forward eAuctions for the transparent and efficient buying and selling of damaged, distressed, obsolete, old, rejected, abandoned, second hand or otherwise unwanted assets, capital equipment, cargo and merchandise. It also provides a Reverse eAuction platform for the procurement and supply of goods and services to various industries.

SalvageSettlers is the brainchild of Anshul Gupta, a Chartered Accountant with many years of experience in optimizing the value of damaged or idle assets. He saw the opportunity to realize greater value from salvage and embarked on a mission to evangelize a professional, online approach to the disposal of salvage and scrap among industry players. His entrepreneurial spirit has formed the foundation of SalvageSettlers, a trusted, professional and value-optimizing online marketplace.

Having established a respected brand and service among the insurance industry, SalvageSettlers expanded to serve manufacturing customers in the disposal of idle and damaged assets, using its Forward eAuction facility. Using this expertise, the team then added Reverse eAuctions to its portfolio of services, serving varied industries in the fast and cost-efficient procurement and supply of diverse goods and services.

The SalvageSettlers team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, but a common understanding of how creating a broader marketplace for the trade of salvage and scrap and diverse goods and services, combined with a professional, standardized and fair process for the trading of salvage and idle assets, benefits industry and the economy.

Founded in 2007, SalvageSettlers is the pioneer in the professional disposal of salvage and scrap. As a result of its eAuctions and online listings, SalvageSettlers has helped the insurance and manufacturing industries to maximise recovery and minimize loss from salvage, reflected in the excellent results achieved – SalvageSettlers now handles multi-million dollars’ worth of auctions every year.