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Classified ID: CL3082 | Escalator For Sale (Unused) Up and Down Both

Expected Price INR 10,00,000.00
Location Patna, India
Quantity 1 Sets
End Time (IST) 07 Feb 2016 17:00:00
Seller Niraj Kumar
Time Remaining
Project Data Escalators E1& E2 Travel G –1st floor Type of Installation Parallel Rise (mm) 2710 Inclination 35 Degree Schindler-Worlds No.1 in Escalators Technical Data Sheet Arrangement of units Number of units : Two Arrangement of units : Single Installation : INDOOR Wind Exposure : NO Mechanical Main data Product line : 9300 Inclination (deg.) : 35 Step width (mm) : 1000 Vertical rise (mm) : 2710 Speed (m/s) : 0.5 Horizontal step run bottom : K (two steps) Horizontal step run top : K (two steps) Capacity and Power Supply data Voltage for motor connection (V) : 415 Voltage for Light connection (V) : 230 Power Supply frequency (Hz) : 50 Electrical Main fuse by others (A) : 25 Main Supply- cross Section (mm2) : 6 Nominal power per Motor : 7.5 Auto On/Off : Provided Schindler-Worlds No.1 in Escalators Balustrade – material / colour Balustrade Balustrade height (mm) Balustrade profile: material Balustrade panel: material Balustrade panel: colour Balustrade panel: Joints Balustrade skirting : DESIGN-E : 900 : ST.ST.BRIGHT : GLASS : Glass CLEAR : STANDARD Inner decking: material : Aluminum powder Coated- RAL9006 – White Aluminum Outer decking: material : Aluminum powder Coated- RAL9006 – White Aluminum Skirting: material : Sheet Painted Skirt Brush : One row Installation dimensions Required Installation length : 8695mm Claddings for truss Lateral cladding : Not Included Lateral cladding: material : Not Included Lateral cladding: colour : Not Included Soffit Cladding : Not Included Schindler-Worlds No.1 in Escalators Step band and hand rail Step colour : Aluminum natural Handrail colour : BLACK Combplates and floor covers Combs of Aluminium : NATURAL Lining for combplate : St. St. – Embossed Lining for floor cover : St. St. – Embossed Combplate setting according to : EN115 Emergency Stop Equipment Stop Button: Lettering : STOP Mechanic. additional equipment Lubricating Step : Provided Major Dimensions: Escalator E1 & E2 Rise (mm) 2710 Horizontal distance 8695 between two supports (mm) Pit length(mm) 4250 Pit depth(mm) 1150 Pit Width(mm) 1600 for 1000 mm step width Recess at both the ends for 135mm D X 175mm L X 1600 mm for 1000 mm step width escalator mounting Schindler-Worlds No.1 in Escalators ESCALATOR SITE PREPARATION CHECKLIST Preparatory Work to be undertaken by the customer: • Ensure all civil /construction work for the escalator shaft has been done and a properly plastered & finished shaft is handed over for installation. • Floor level markings are required to be done at both the upper and lower landings. • Necessary hooks/cutouts to be provided. • Provide an escalator shaft which is exactly in accordance to the critical dimensions specified in the layout drawing. Any modifications required due to non-compliance to the layout drawings will be borne by you. • Adequate water proofing needs to be done in order to prevent water from entering into the shaft. • Provide appropriate scaffolding for approaching hoist beam/hooks & for escalator claddings. • Provide properly located supports of adequate strength for truss at both landings and any intermediate supports if required. • Escalator working area needs to be properly covered and protected from any weather variations. • Provide barricades or guards along the working area & meet all the essential safety requirements. • Provide suitable weather proof lockable storage accommodation for escalator materials & tools at the ground floor level. • Ensure that the route identified for the entry of the equipment in the building is kept clear of obstructions. • Necessary arrangements for covering the escalator are done. • All the electrical/power supply requirements in order to install, test & commission the escalator have been met. • To do all finishing work after escalator installations.

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