11014665_817073288381751_1782011959545093770_nWhether we are in the midst of a global economic shakedown or not, working folks are always looking for new careers. Often, they search for something that offers them an increase in their work related value and opportunities, while remaining lucrative, recession-proof and innovative. For new college graduates and experienced business people looking for a change, the answer to their quest may very well be Salvage Management.

Few businesses allow for such complete satisfaction from both the buy side and the sell side as Salvage Management. When dealing with sellers, salvage managers are like heroes protecting the bottom lines of banks, insurers and other businesses. Since the salvage manager is taking something that is normally viewed as worthless, there is no opportunity for the seller to feel as though he or she is not getting enough for their salvage. Instead, any amount (especially the large selling amounts seen at auctions) is considered a gift to their income statement and directly offsets and reduces their losses.

When working with buyers, salvage managers are fulfilling the buyer’s need to find quality products that don’t cost an arm and a leg, that help their business grow and progress to the next level, and that offer sustainable solutions they might not otherwise have access to. Even in an auction setting, where some buyers will most certainly lose an auction at one point or another, the ability to participate and see what types of salvage you offer are very rewarding and keep them coming back for more.

While it’s unfortunate that insurable events will always continue to happen, for salvage managers it is the single most important aspect to the recession-proof side of the business. No matter how bad the economy or jobless rate is, people will always experience loss, will always have salvage to sell, and will always need inexpensive salvage items to buy.