Are you troubled by the excessive consumption of plastic by the public and want to do something about it?

Is the Environmentalist in you, burning with rage and passion?

Do you want an innovative business idea which will not only make a decent profit, but also help save the earth? Then you’ve come to right place. We are going to talk about how to start a Plastic Recycling Business.

The various steps involved in setting up a Plastic Recycling Business are:

·         Market Research- Before starting any business it is always essential to thoroughly study the market to check out the existing competition along with the supply and demand. So, you can carry on if you do not find any plastic recyclers in the neighboring areas.

·         Find your buyers: There are various researchers that would pay a large amount of money for recycled plastics. Therefore, it is essential that you find potential clients and also learn about the various types of plastics in demand. There are a lot of varieties of recycled plastic, so it is better to focus on the ones which are worth more money.

·         Collecting Plastic: This is where you decide how to go about the collection process of the plastic to be recycled. You can either do it yourself, or outsource it to a group of people who can go door to door collecting the plastic waste. There are many local businesses that make arrangements to donate their plastic waste. If this is done there will be a steady flow of raw materials.

         Licensing and Clearances: Different countries have different regulations for plastic recycling businesses, so it is essential you see a local clerk to complete all the necessary paperwork and acquire a legal license before starting this business.

·         Location: Usually recycling camps are set up in large, isolated areas where there is not much of disturbance. Find a large area where all the plastic recycling equipment can be accommodated. It should also be accessible to the general public so that there is accessibility to customers.

·         Equipment: There are a lot of sources online where you can buy your plastic recycling machinery. If there is a problem with financing, apply for loans. If that is not working out, try to talk to some industries for using their equipment on a rental basis. This will help you get started

·         Advertisement: Marketing is very important. People would definitely want to be a part of a greener cause and would gladly contribute. Put up ads in the local newspapers and provide flyers. This will increase the popularity of your plastic recycling business.