Scrap steel can be used for many useful purposes. Many businesses gather scrap steel and sell it to steel processors who earn high rates of profits on the same. It is always useful to collect steel available in different forms. Scrap steel is mostly transported by trucks or trains as the chance of losing scrap steel reduces in truck transportation. Scrap steel when recycled can be used for many important activities. Steel if in the pure state can be used to make something new. There is an adept process to recycle steel which has to be followed in order to earn profits from recycling steel.

·        COLLECTING THE STEEL: The main place to collect steel is from junkyards or businesses. After collection, the scrap steel is taken in trucks or trains to the processing area where it is to be recycled. The truck with steel is passed through the sensor to check for radiation. Radiation of any kind is considered harmful and that kind of steel is not of any use. After a careful check, the whole lot is transferred to the conveyor belt where it is checked whether the steel is safe for use or not.

·        METHOD TO SEPARATE AND FILTER: The use of the conveyor belt is to convert scrap steel in grinders and cutters. The steel is broken down into small and fine pieces and then sent forward in the process. From the conveyor belt, the steel pieces are moved on to another belt to separate other metals from the steel. In this way, the steel is filtered to remove all kinds of impurities and make it clean.

·        RECYCLING: The last step in the process is to recycle the product into anything of choice. Steel is then sent to steel mills to be reduced to final items which are hard and beautiful. The other metals found along with steel are also taken to their respective mills to create final products. When metals are in the pure form, they can be given any shape, and made into desired products.

This is how businesses can recycle steel into something useful. Recycling of steel leads to generation of less wastage and thus, is environment friendly.