8Proper salvage disposal needs to be made a procedure rather than a subject of choice or will. It needs to be injected into the claims procedure so as to reap true benefits of the process. Leaders of the industry need to support and be a part of this change and facilitate its implementation into the system. To increase impact and receptivity, all the people involved in the claims process need to be communicated and demonstrated the benefits of new system. The new salvage disposal system needs not be complicated. To start with, we need to review our claims process. Inconsistencies, if any, should be identified. Present salvage guidelines need to be reviewed and tested against best practices and technologies. The program should also fit into Adjusters’ working module.


It is to be appreciated that proper salvage disposal benefits not only the Insurers but also the Insured. It creates a win-win situation for both the parties. For example, the Insured may get discount on standard insurance premium rate provided they agree beforehand to dispose the salvage, if required, in the most professional way. Alternatively, Insurers may also offer lower premium rates on property that would result in better salvage realization. Improved customer loyalty is another benefit for Insurers as a streamlined and consistent claim process means that insured gets faster and better service. Therefore, optimization of salvage recovery benefits not only the Insurers but also the Insured. The only thing required is the change of approach.