What is an idle asset?

The answer for this question is very simple and expressed in a single word; “WASTE”. By elaborating up on this word we get a valid answer that an idle asset is nothing but a tangible asset which is not in use or worn out. It can be converted into cash when sold to a buyer who is in need of such assets for his business.

Now the question that rises is, Ïs an idle asset really waste?” The answer for this question depends on the point of view of various industrialists and business personalities. Some believe that an idle asset is waste because it’s not in a condition to be used for large scale production and worn out due to over usage. Some others believe that an idle asset can be a waste for top builders, industrialists and business personalities, but gold for industrialists with low budgets and entrepreneurs who wish to enter the market.

For such people, an idle asset is highly valuable and can be used to make money or employ in their respective businesses. Yes, it’s true that a worn out asset cannot work too long and as expected, but is to some extent, useful. Actually an idle asset can be used by the seller to get cash, and put to good use by the buyer.

In the present market, more than tens of hundreds of idle assets are sold every day to a number of potential buyers who have the money and use for the same.

The conclusion is that an idle asset can never be waste as it provides cash to the seller which and production machinery to the buyer for at least 5 or 6 or even more years.  If handled with care, even an idle asset can contribute to production.