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Public eAuction ID: PL20696 | Damaged ACSR Zebra Cond & GI MS/HT Steel Twr Parts

Bikaner, India
Starting Price INR 65.00
Location Bikaner, India
Minimum Increment INR 0.00
EMD Amount INR 0.00
Quantity 9 MT
No. of Bids 0
Start Time (IST) 25 June 2019 14:00:00
End Time (IST) 28 June 2019 17:00:00
Product Details
Damaged ACSR Zebra Conductor- Qty 03 MT (Approx) Damaged GI MS/HT Steel Tower Parts- Qty 06 MT (Approx) Reserve Price: ACSR Zebra Conductor - Rs. 65/- GI MS/HT Steel Tower Parts - Rs. 20/-   . Read More

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